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Laser Genesis is a pleasant, no downtime skin treatment that is non-ablative, non-invasive and effective for skin rejuvenation. It can be used to treat diffuse redness, and uneven skin texture.  The treatment promotes a vibrant, healthy looking complexion.


Micro-pulsed delivery of the 1064 nm wavelength with Laser Genesis stimulates collagen production and improves the microvasculature resulting in more even skin.  Micropulsing is an important part of Laser Genesis as it prevents overheating of the skin which can result in discomfort, redness and swelling. The pulsed delivery of Laser Genesis allows the skin moments to cool off between pulses. The 1064nm wavelength reaches beyond the surface layers of the skin to the deeper collagen without damaging the outermost skin.

By generating thousands of laser micropulses, the regenerative functions within the skin are stimulated to produce new collagen.  The pulses are carefully regulated, so skin is stimulated without being overheated resulting in a tighter skin surface, a more even texture and less redness. Almost any skin type is suited to a Laser Genesis treatment.

The results from a single treatment can be quite subtle, but a course of four or more treatments produce noticeable results.

Benefits and Applications

Laser Genesis is relaxing and feels good on your skin.  It is an ideal treatment for the face and neck where people have noticeable signs of ageing and sun damage.
If you’re looking for a quick, no downtime procedure to gently improve your overall skin complexion, whilst not having to worry about any discomfort or pain, then Laser Genesis could be for you.
Before a special occasion, combine Laser genesis with a hydrafacial for radiant results.


The skin should be free from any make up or sunscreen and as clean as possible.  It is helpful to have long hair tied back. The skin can be red for a short while afterwards so it may be good to plan a free hour or two straight afterwards.


The skin is thoroughly cleansed. Eye protection goggles are worn by the patient.  The face is divided into sections and the practitioner treats a section at a time.

During a Laser Genesis skin treatment, you will experience a gentle warming of the skin’s surface which is not painful. It is often described as if sparklers are kissing your skin, or as a prickly sensation.  Patients usually say the treatment is relaxing and they feel a deep skin tightening immediately afterwards.

Treatment time can range from thirty to forty minutes. The number of treatments required can range from two to six or more. Treatments are recommended two to four weeks apart.


After the procedure your face will feel tight and this may continue for an hour or two.  You will notice some redness, which will resolve within a few hours of your treatment.

Avoid active and corrective skin serums for 24 hours as these may irritate the skin.  Also avoid very hot showers, saunas and spas on the day of treatment. Consider taking an antiviral medication if you are prone to cold sores.

Gentle washing and moisturising as well as the use of sunscreen is recommended over the following few days.  Keeping the skin well hydrated is important. There is no broken skin after the treatment, so make up can be applied as soon as necessary.

Down time

Laser Genesis does not have any associated downtime and you can return to work as normal right after treatment. Your skin can be a little pink for a few hours but makeup can be worn if necessary.


After each treatment, you may notice some redness, which will resolve within a few hours of your treatment. As Laser Genesis is a gentle, non-invasive treatment, there are minimal risks.


The cost of Laser Genesis ranges from $290 to $450 depending on the areas treated.

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