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SkinSmart provides medical expertise in skin rejuvenation, using state of the art equipment and offering personalised service to deliver excellent results, helping you look your best and feel good about yourself.

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  • Dr Bruce Williamson

    Dr Bruce Williamson has worked in Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine for over 20 years. He grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches swimming, surfing and sailing and had a lot of sun exposure himself in his early life. As a consequence of this he has developed a particular interest in the use of Lasers and Energy Based systems for rejuvenating sun damaged skin. He opened SkinSmart Medical in 2014 and now offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures including various laser and energy based treatments, dermal filler and muscle relaxant injections.

  • Dr Ruby Banerjee

    Dr Ruby Banerjee is a London / Cambridge trained doctor who has lived and worked as a GP on the Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney for over 20 years. Whilst working as a GP she gained a loyal patient base of women owing to her reassuring manner and capable expertise in treating women.

Sustainable program

We are part of a revolutionary resource recovery program designed
for clinics like ours to try and achieve the minimum of landfill waste
and instead invest in recycling.




& more

We are part of a revolutionary resource recovery program designed for clinics like ours to try and achieve the minimum of landfill waste and instead invest in recycling.
All our soft and hard plastic goes towards making plastic furniture, decking, bins and much more. All our paper, metal and rubber also gets separated and recycled. Very little of our waste goes to landfill. We try and recycle what ever we can. We have partnered with a company, Sustainable Salons, who have helped the hairdressing industry deal with their waste. Sustainable Salons are now also working with medical clinics to help them reduce their landfill.
To help us fund our sustainability program our patients are all charged a green fee of $2 each visit. We also encourage patients to return any used sunscreen containers or empty SkinSmart cosmeceuticals bottles purchased at our clinic, and these too will be responsibly recycled here in Australia.

At SkinSmart we use biodegradable gloves, paper bags for product purchases and reusable glass water bottles for our waiting room drinking water. We have a coffee machine rather than using single use take away coffee cups and Sustainable Salons recycles all our coffee pods. All food scraps from lunch times are composted off site.
Where ever possible we use 100% recyclable packing material and recycle all packaging we receive from suppliers. Most receipts are emailed to patients rather than printing paper receipts. We buy recycled printer paper and always recycle our printer ink cartridges. We try and order in bulk when possible to reduce courier miles and minimise the use of fuel. We are conscious of reducing our energy and water consumption where possible. At SkinSmart we are always working to reduce the impact of our clinic on the environment now and in the future, as well as looking for new initiatives to reduce our footprint.

Watch this video to see how we do it.

Our team has 20+ years industry experience

Our clinic uses state of the art technology

Personalised, high quality service

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