Laser Hair Reduction


At SkinSmart we use the Deka Synchro Replay Alexandrite Laser – a dual wavelength medical grade laser system to ensure fast, effective and lasting hair reduction. With the highest quality machine we deliver results for you. Cheaper priced treatments may be less effective and require a greater number of treatments and ultimately cost more.


Laser hair reduction works by Selective Photothermolysis, which means selective heating through the absorption of light.

Laser hair reduction is a process of destroying the hair follicle by means of exposure to pulses of laser light.   Lasers can cause localized damage by selectively heating dark target matter, in this case melanin in the hair follicle, while not heating the rest of the surrounding tissue / skin. As there is  the selective absorption of photons of laser light, only black or brown hair can be effectively treated. A Laser works best with dark, coarse hair. Light skin and dark hair are an ideal combination, being most effective and producing the best results.  Although laser treatments will permanently reduce the total number of targeted hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of every single hair.


To achieve the best result, it is better to have as many hairs in the growth phase as possible. Avoid waxing for at least a month before Laser treatment. Shaving should be stopped about a week before treatment. Sun exposure should be avoided before the treatment. Moisturisers / Creams, deodorant and sunscreen should not be applied on the area of skin to be treated on the day of an appointment.

The hair should be showing through the skin, however hair that is too long or too short is not as effectively treated.

The Procedure

Large areas of skin are marked up to define the area to be treated.  Cold air from a Zimmer cooler is blown on the area to ease any pain, before the laser is activated.  The laser is moved over the area to be treated with settings suited to the skin and hair colour, the coarseness of the hair and the density of the hair.


The remaining hairs should not be plucked or shaved for 3 days after treatment. The area should be kept clean and if folliculitis occurs, a loofah or dermal scrub can be used to exfoliate the area. The skin can be dry after treatment and this can be relieved with moisturiser.

Once the subsequent hair growth cycle begins it is advisable to make another appointment.


Some people experience itching, pink skin, redness, and swelling around the treatment area or swelling of the follicles (follicular edema). These side effects rarely last more than a day or two. Other possible side effects may occur including scaliness,  scab formation, folliculitis (acne) and occasionally blistering, scarring,  skin texture changes and infections.

Unwanted side effects such as hypo- or hyper-pigmentation (discoloration of the skin) rarely occur. Some patients may have an allergy although this is very uncommon.

Please note that rarely some people are “non-responders” – this occurs when the patient is simply not a good candidate for treatment.  Certain areas of the body require more treatments – for example bikini lines usually need more treatments than legs.

Discomfort and Costs

Some level of pain should be expected during treatments. A Zimmer cooler is used to lessen the pain and the settings can be adjusted to make the treatment comfortable. Most people tolerate the treatment well and do not have any lasting pain or discomfort.

Different areas of the body and different people need a varied number of treatments.  Some areas have a good, lasting result with 3 treatments and other areas may need 8 treatments.  The cost also varies depending on the treatment time with treatments starting at $90.

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