Cosmetic Mole Removal


Unsightly raised or dark moles on the face or annoying skin tags around the neck, back and underarms can be easily removed with either conventional surgical techniques or with the Ellman Surgitron Radio Surgery device.  Scarring is usually very minor with the colour of the area returning to normal within a few months.


Unsightly moles on the face, raised moles that are cut when shaving or a mole that rubs on the bra or underwear are usually very simple to remove with Radio surgery or laser ablation. Sebacious cysts or lipomas can be removed with advanced surgical techniques leaving little scarring.  Aging warts and other surface lesions are also simple and painless to remove with laser surgery or cryotherapy.


Troublesome moles are usually identified during the course of a full skin examination.  If they are small they may be removed at the time or the doctor will suggest the patient return at a later date for the procedure.

The Procedure

The area of skin where the mole is situated is thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic.  A small amount of local anesthetic is then placed under the lesion through a microfine needle.  The lesion is then removed by the most appropriate method – either using laser, radio surgery or conventional surgical techniques.


There is a small sting associated with the local anesthetic although with modern techniques this is very minimal and well tolerated. The procedure is painless and the local anesthesia takes a few hours to wear off.  There is usually very little discomfort when the anesthetic wears off although the area may be tender to touch for a few days while it heals.


A dressing is applied to the wound and should be changed every one to two days until the wound is clean and dry.  Silicon can be used once the dressing is removed.


Facial moles take 5 to 10 days for the scab to fall off and one to two months for the redness to fade.  Lesions on the body take at least twice this time to heal.


Scarring is somewhat variable but is usually very acceptable. The wound may become infected but the risk of this is very small if proper wound care techniques are used.


Laser, or radio surgical removal of moles on the face starts from $390 for 1-3 moles and is then charged at $60 for each additional mole. (Medicare rebates may apply).

The fee for larger moles that require surgical excision and stitching will depend on the location and size of the mole. (Medicare rebates may apply).

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